Poor, poor, pitiful Me.

I’ve abandoned my half written post about where I am surrogacy-wise, for the moment.

Why did I abandon that post, in favour of writing this? Because it’s Day Three. Day Three of what, you ask? Does it matter? Maybe this is just me, but doesn’t Day Three of anything just suck more than the other days??

This particular Day Three happens to be a double whammy. It’s Day Three of a cleanse, as well as Day Three on Estrace – the estrogen pills that I am on to prepare my body for the embryo transfer. In specific, to prepare my uterine lining, I believe.

I wanted to cut out all those foods that don’t play nice with my auto-immune system. For me, that includes wheat, dairy, sugar, eggs, etc etc etc. I’m sure I’ve covered it in a past post. In order to give this transfer the best chance, I wanted to cut these things out (again). In all honesty, I shouldn’t be eating them anyways, but … well.

I do best with structure to control my eating, so I am doing the Wild Rose Detox … a 12 day cleanse, which ever-so-conveniently does not allow most of the foods that I should not eat. This is about my fourth or fifth go-round with this particular cleanse in the last decade or so. If you’re thinking of trying it, just know that the first cleanse is usually a doozy, but they get easier!

At any rate, I’m unsure what in particular is making me feel yucky today, or if it is a combination of things. But every joint I own is sore and stiff, my stomach is uneasy, and I have a rather large case of the poor-me’s which I am trying to keep in check.

In spite of the voice in my head telling me that maybe I don’t need to be doing this, if it makes me feel like this, I am going to carry on. Tomorrow is another day, or so I’ve heard!


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