Let’s Roll

I really can’t believe how fast this is all going! For the last 16 months or so, I’ve watched my surro sisters in our support group go through the process – match, screen, transfer, test, conceive or not (& often at that point it repeats – transfer, test, repeat). All the while, I have been on the sidelines, matched, screened & waiting. Endlessly waiting, or so it seemed.

My experience also became the experience of those close to me. Many of the people who are following my journey don’t know anyone else who has gone through this, and so their perception of this process is filtered through my experiences. This means that I get a lot of comments of “Seriously?! Already?!!” as things happen. “You’re transferring already??

I’ve seen surrogates due dates be close to the one year anniversary of matching with their Intended Parents. My experience with the first IPs was definitely the exception to the rule. Generally, these people have been waiting so long, they want to get rolling on the process!!

My current IPs gave me the choice of when to transfer. Once the screening was complete, they asked when I felt ready to go. They are the farthest thing from pushy, and so willing to work with me (in fact, follow my lead) – rather than set an agenda that they want me to follow. I don’t want to be in charge of their journey, not by a long shot. However, to be asked and listened to, and to have my perspective considered, really makes me feel valued.

For my own reasons, I was ready to get going as soon as we could. The emails went something like this “Whenever you are ready to get started…” “I’m ready now, are you ready now?” “We’re ready now” “Let’s roll!!”

While I remain aware that not all transfers take, and I may end up waiting yet again (they only have one embryo ready to go – if this transfer isn’t successful, then they would need to retrieve more eggs, and create more embryos. I don’t have experience with this part of it yet, so I’m unsure of the time frame on that process). However, I’m 37 now (no spring chicken per both my mother & my doctor), and I’ve been off my medication & symptomatic with my arthritis and psoriasis for almost a year and half now. I still really want to do this, but I want to do it now. (And we now how much the Universe likes to line itself up with my wishes, yes? Haha)

Assuming all goes smoothly, I will be back in Toronto for the transfer in less than two weeks! Fingers crossed and positive thoughts, please!


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