About me? Well, basic stats are as follows: Married since ’99 (to the same guy even), 3 kids (B, B, G), living on Vancouver Island in BC, full time Mom (is there any other way to be a Mom?), part time Office Manager, minivan driver (do not get me started), loving daughter & sister (& sister-in-law!), etc.

I’m just (May 2013) embarking on this gestational surrogacy journey. I thought I’d take you along, if you want to come 🙂

Besides the obvious love of my children and husband — I love Spring time (cherry blossoms, daffodils, tulips, lilacs & sunny but not too hot days … what’s not to love?), & Fall (cozy sweaters & leaves turning colours), reading, cooking/ baking, taking pictures but not being in them, the colour green, girl time, putting too many ellipses in my writing, tea in bed at bedtime, hugs, Netflix, and laughing until I cry. There’s more to this list, but that is what is coming to me right now.

So, it’s nice to meet you. Please stay for a bit and have a look around!



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