Transfer Day – No Joke!

April Fools transfer day? Well, in the world of surrogacy where they are manipulating and medicating two women, who live halfway across the world from each other, to line them up for a fresh embryo transfer … you take what you can get!

IM had her egg retrieval on March 27th, and they retrieved 25 eggs! In the past 5 days, as we hit each day the number went down. 18 were mature, 15 fertilized properly. After three days, there were 12 still growing. Today, 10. The IPs opted for PGD testing, which determines whether there are chromosomal issues with the embryos, or whether they are viable.

We sat and waited for an hour past our appointment this morning, waiting for the PGD results. And here is our one, beautiful, viable embryo:


And here is me, resting post-transfer with my lucky leg warmers! I’m not sure why but apparently yellow is considered the lucky transfer colour.


The transfer went well, it’s a mildly uncomfortable procedure, but nothing unbearable. And we women get used to doctors up in our business, am I right ladies? There’s nothing like sitting with your legs up in stirrups, and having the doctor walk in, fling the drape up and declare “Let’s make a baby!!”

Please send any prayers, positive & sticky thoughts that you can spare 💗