Eeeee!!! ++

Doing a little happy dance here, I got some double lines on my pregnancy tests!! (Double lines = positive pregnancy tests!)

I started testing five days after the transfer, using a cheap dollar store tests the first couple days. They were negative results, and bummed me out … the thought that kept going through my head was “I was so sure this was the one!”

Day seven past transfer, I used two tests, a First Response and a little strip test called BFP. I couldn’t see anything, really, so I uploaded a picture to the online support group. Naturally, my surro sisters didn’t disappoint! They immediately tweaked and played with the picture – they insisted there was a line there. Thought I’ll never figure out how they can see something in a picture that I can’t see with the naked eye… these girls are pro’s! By the time they were done, even I could see a bit of a line in the picture. The prediction was I would get a noticeable double line result the following day. I wasn’t convinced, I still have this feeling like the tests must have something where that 2nd line shows up, which would then be triggered by the appropriate level of hCg. A groove, a concentration of colour, something … which is what I wonder if the girls are picking up with their tweaking.

Day eight (we transferred a 5 day embryo, so the shorthand is 8dp5dt – 8 days past 5 day transfer) I tested on a First Response, and as predicted:



I was so happy, I emailed the picture to my IPs, texted it to my husband, uploaded it to my surro sisters, messaged it to my parents, and texted my sister-in-law and various friends who are in the loop! I asked for any prayers and positive thoughts that could be spared – I am a big believer in the power of putting good energy into the Universe. I know whatever is meant to be, will be … but adding positive energy to the mix can’t hurt!

Day nine brought a slightly darker line, which is positive as well.


Of course, nothing is for sure until we get some good beta numbers next week. Wednesday is the first blood test, and the number need to at least double for Friday’s blood test. Today’s test (10dp5dt) was a bust, I decided to use a digital, however I had accidentally opened the package a couple days ago, not realizing it was digital, and had no clue that you have a time frame to use it once the package is open. So it didn’t work, live and learn!

I’m a lot more relaxed than I was last transfer at this point, and the IPs have told me that having this news is making the wait easier for them 💗