Some News!

I’m super excited to have some news! We are scheduled for transfer #2! Yipeeee!!

The clinic messaged me yesterday with my new protocol. We don’t have an exact transfer date, it’s a little trickier when you are transferring fresh embryos rather than frozen ones. It will depend on how the retrieval goes with IM, and how the embryos grow once they are fertilized.

I start with the Lupron shot on February 3rd – I so love that one! I slept so amazingly well on that medication. The lining check is scheduled for March 5th, and that’s usually the last step a few days prior to transfer.

In the meantime, I have put myself on a new eating plan, which is supposed to help calm the inflammation associated with auto immune disorders. It is called Auto Immune Protocol, or sometimes Auto Immune Paleo. It’s pretty restrictive – you can basically eat meat, vegetables, fruit and coconut products. There’s an emphasis on bone broths (I’m working on this), organ meats (yikes…), and fermented foods (this I can do!). The gelatine from bone broths, and the probiotics from fermented foods are both supposed to heal the intestines, which is where a lot of auto immune issues apparently start. I’m on week three, and all the cleansing and avoiding my ‘intolerances’ over the past couple years seems to be serving me well – it hasn’t felt like a huge adjustment so far, even though I was way off the rails into poor eating habits for the last few months. Even the initial detox off of sugar went fairly smooth.

Right now the biggest challenge is getting a good balance of protein, good fats, and fibre. That, and the diet has kicked off my symptoms – mostly the arthritis. I’m hoping is just that “healing crisis” that I’ve heard about, and that I’ll come out the other side feeling better.

Hopefully more updates to come as we start to roll along again!