Pee on All The Sticks!!!

Okay, I believe I may have said that I was planning on waiting until the blood tests on the 15th … and I wasn’t planning on taking home pregnancy tests.

I lied.

Or, more accurately – I folded like a cheap suit to the combination of peer pressure from my surro sisters, and the transfer package I received in the mail from my agency … full of lovely pregnancy tests!! (And pickles, ginger ale, prenatal meds, chocolates and all kinds of awesome treats).

I took the first test last Wednesday, and it was a “BFN”, or Big Fat Negative. It was 7 days past the transfer. So I waited a couple more days.

Which brought us to yesterday, Friday & 9 days past transfer. Peed on a stick, got in the shower & got out to a very faint line!

Took several pictures and posted them for immediate analysis by the group – you’ve never seen such stick peeing knowledge as these ladies have. They can tweak out the faintest of lines – if there is something there, the girls will find it.

The line was somewhat slow and faint … so I’m not doing a happy dance yet … but remaining cautiously optimistic. The line was still faint and slow this morning, just slightly darker.

I’m super excited for the blood tests this week to put me out of my two week wait misery! (And if it’s making me this anxious, I can imagine my anxiety level doesn’t even touch the Intended Parents!!)

I so very much want to be able to give them good news. Hang in there, Nemo!!


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