Transfer & the Two Week Wait

And so it begins. The two week wait (insert appropriate mood music here).

The transfer went well, as much as that ever tells anyone about the outcome. We transferred one 5-day embryo, it thawed out nicely apparently, so that’s always a good thing. I can’t imagine being hormoned up, prepped and waiting … and then to hear that the embryo didn’t survive the thaw.

Intended Father (IF) remained in the waiting room, and Intended Mother (IM) and I went to get gowned, capped, paper-shoed, and the like. Then we waited. And waited. For an hour longer than anticipated. It was one of those moments in life where it stretches out to an eternity – and you don’t know if you are actually waiting longer than you anticipated, or if the feeling is being created and moulded by the circumstances. If the nerves stretched taut, tears welling close to the surface, sheer emotion of the moment is distorting time.

IM and I spoke, in our little curtained room. About family, food (we both love to cook), learning English, about nothing too serious … just the general feeling out of new acquaintances. She speaks English well, better than she thinks. But gets frustrated at herself when she can’t come up with the word she wants.

We kept it pretty light, no “what ifs”, no planning of how the next visit will be. If this transfer takes, they will come to my hometown for the 20 week ultrasound. If not, I don’t know if they will make it for the next transfer.

When they moved us to the transfer room, she was overcome with emotion and said “no serious talk!!” The first thing I thought to ask was “What is your favourite colour?”, and so we discussed all the things that were blue in her house. And then in mine.

The transfer itself is over and done with in about 10 minutes. We held hands, held breath.

And now, we wait. IM doesn’t want any home pregnancy tests done before the two week blood test. IF says if I decide to do one, I could email him the results, and he promises not to tell her. And I, well I waffle between the two stances. Time will tell.


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