Transfer Day!!!

Good morning, world!

Transfer Day has arrived! Thankfully, so have the Intended Parents. It was dicey there for a bit, as they got caught up in the fallout from the Air France strike. They ended up being delayed by a day and a half, but arrived yesterday afternoon.

They are absolutely just as lovely in person as their emails indicated.

I’ve eaten my pineapple, I’m dressed and ready to go, and since the TV selection here leaves a lot to be desired, I am posting here instead.

Pineapple, you ask? Is there a reason for that? Why, yes there is! The surro sisters in the support group swear that there is something about pineapple that makes embryo transfers stick. So I had cut up an entire pineapple while still at home (because of course it had to be the fruit that is the hardest to cut up!) and carried it here in my carry on and I’ve been snacking on it for the past couple days. It can’t hurt, right?

We should be heading off shortly here, our contract is ready, but not signed, and it needs to be in place before they will perform the transfer. What’s that saying about if it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done?

As we say in the group, think sticky thoughts for me (as in embryo sticking)!


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