Heading to Toronto!

Can I start with a rant about changes in airlines? I’m flying WestJet, and normally I am a huge fan. The staff are friendly, sometimes quirky, and I generally enjoy my flights with them. The first leg of my flight this flight this morning was no exception. However, I am now sitting on the second leg of my trip to Toronto, and I’m annoyed. I boarded, and did my usual pull out the book and the headphones, stow the carry on and the purse, and settle into my seat. At which point I looked at the seat in front of me, and lo & behold – no TV. Yes I know, I know … #firstworldproblems. But still, we do become accustomed to certain things. I assumed that I was on an old plane. But no, they proudly announce that we are flying on a new plane!! And that there are no longer TV’s on board, but that they will be going through the cabin with tablets, complete with pre-loaded movies. Naturally they are for rent. By credit card only, thank you very much. What. The. Hell.

First they stop offering much in the way of refreshments (remember when they used to feed you?!) & started charging an arm and a leg for food, now TV’s, and soon there will be a mandatory charge for any checked bags. Meaning when my family of 5 flies to my brother & sister-in-law’s place for Christmas, it would cost us $125 just to bring one suitcase each. Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous? That we pay enough for the flight, there should be a few things actually, oh I don’t know, included in that?! Le Sigh. I have a mind to write a strongly worded letter to WestJet letting them know how disappointed I am in them. In the meantime, I am going to write a long, chatty blog post.

My parents live five minutes from the airport, which I may have previously mentioned. So I stayed with them last night, as it was yet another 6:45 am flight, requiring me to be at the airport at 5:45 am. And have I mentioned my protocol changes? I am now on progesterone as well as estrogen. Two forms of progesterone – one is a vaginal suppository, and one is in cottonseed oil & gets injected intramuscularly. My husband, as it turns out, does this very well & I don’t feel a thing.

However, while I’m away, I am going to have to do my own & I am incredibly nervous to inject myself. In order to avoid it one more day I asked my Dad to give me the injection this morning. He looked at me as though I had lost my mind. of course I hadn’t thought about it, but he had no idea I was on injections, and here I was springing it on him at 5:30 am & asking him to do it for me. He went along anyways- my Mom cringing out in the hallway as he administered it! It went smoothly, I never felt a thing & in typical parent fashion he made sure I was ok before muttering something about going off to faint (which he didn’t).

The silver lining to my day was the visit I had with my niece and nephew while on my layover. (Oh, and my brother and sister-in-law too, haha). Even though it ended with me in tears … I’m not good at goodbyes, and I don’t see enough of them so it’s that much harder. My nephew telling me he loved me and was going to miss me hit me right in the heart. (Not to mention he melted the hearts of those around us in the lineup as well – between his excited explanation of how much he was looking forward to seeing us all & his grandparents at Christmas, to him breaking away from my brother & sister-in-law to run back to me for one more hug.)

On the other side of this flight, I get to meet my new friend and fellow surrogate, who is picking me up at the airport.

And then later this evening, I have a phone call with my lawyer … yes, the contract is still not in place. Not through any deliberate delays, but rather vacationing lawyers and such. It’ll be a last minute affair, much the same as the last time. But, alas … it wouldn’t be life if it all just ran smoothly, now would it?


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