Side Trip

I’m really enjoying writing – which you may not realize by my lack of posts here. I’m going to take a little side trip today into a couple of things, including why I find myself not posting.

Things have ground to a halt with the IPs, yet again. I think this time it might be for good. They are on the fence about whether to try again, and for reasons I will get into later, there’s also some question as to whether they would go forward with me as their surrogate. This blog has been fulfilling my long forgotten love of writing. Feeling as though this surrogacy journey may be coming to an end, and taking with it my reason to write, has been making me hesitant to write. I don’t feel like there are many posts left in this story at this point in time, and once I’ve written them … well, then what? I’ve never “found my story” in terms of writing. I haven’t got a clue where to start. This attempt to become a surrogate gave me, among other things, a story to tell. And I’ve been loath to let that go…

… And in the time that this post had sat in my Drafts, much has changed.

I’ve come to the end of my journey with my IPs. They chose to move on, and look for a new surrogate. Aside from being seriously annoyed that after all we had been through, they chose not to tell me themselves, it’s been a blessing for me. From the outside looking back, I am grateful to be free of several aspects of that relationship.

New things are afoot, but I will save them for another day!


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