And it’s off to the Big Smoke (seriously, why is it called that?)

Word has it, my last blog post ended abruptly. A bit of a cliff hanger, if you will. Of course by “word”, I am referring to the husband — the only person I can say with confidence actually reads this blog 🙂

So, I left off with my fluffy lining and a plane ticket to Ontario.

Now, I am not a nervous flyer … I’ve flown all over the place. (I was blessed to have been raised by parents who took us on some amazing trips). However – I am a bit of a nervous traveller. Certain persons have been known to mock my need for to-do lists, overpacking, and needing to go through security check points at (or before) the time listed on boarding passes.

I haven’t done much travelling on my own, and definitely always rely on my travelling companions to take the lead. Travelling somewhere I’ve never been before, all on my own, with such short notice was pretty nerve wracking for me.

But I pulled up my big girl panties, packed my bags and off I went. My trip there was pretty uneventful. I left the mild BC weather and arrived late at night to cold and snowy Ontario. I arrived … and my suitcase didn’t. Luckily, a little voice in my head that morning had nagged me to pack a change of clothes and my meds into my carry on, so it wasn’t the biggest deal.

I was picked up at the airport by my IP’s, the first time we had met face to face. I felt instantly at ease with them, and after hugs all around, we started the snowy drive to their home.

They welcomed me into their home like I was a member of the family, which was just awesome. I felt totally comfortable the whole time I was there.

We decided to do a little sightseeing on the Sunday, so off we went to Niagara Falls – the snow had stopped overnight and it was a clear, sunny day (though minus 10 and snow covered). When we arrived, they drove nice and slow past the Falls one way… turned the car around … and drove nice and slow the other way. Then they were like “Ok?” And I laughed and told them to park, we were getting out of the car.

There isn’t really a reasonable place to park there, as best as I can tell. But we parked uphill from the Falls and walked down to see them. This is something they may never let me live down! I had my estrogen-fueled, personal heater thing going on. They didn’t! So there was much complaining about my dragging them all the way along the walk, in the cold, without gloves or hats, etc etc. I was really (not) popular, ha! But it was so beautiful, majestic … I have a thing for water – oceans, lakes, rivers, you name it & I will be drawn to it. Niagara Falls was no exception, I could have stood and watched it for hours.

Some random thoughts on the trip:

I learned that Toronto has the nickname “The Big Smoke” though I didn’t find out why… and ironically, got to watch Rob Ford’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel while there ….

Toronto and surrounding areas, where we were, have really beautiful architecture – lots of brick and stone buildings and houses.

Ducks. There were random groupings of ducks (yikes … autocorrect is killing me here … “ducks” can go a lot of different ways with just one letter or two letter changes …) where I wasn’t expecting to see them. And, of course, small duck figurines for sale in the gift shops. Because why not?

And back to relevant points:

Early Monday morning was going to be heading into the city for the transfer … and that was going to bring it’s own challenges- so I’ll leave that as a blog post for another day.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vic
    Apr 03, 2014 @ 15:15:45

    Just wanted you to know that I’m still avidly reading all your posts…


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