Now Hurry Up!

After waiting around for so long, all of a sudden the process went into hyper-speed. We pulled the contract together in a matter of days. The clinic put me on birth control to manage my cycle, so we could transfer the day we wanted to.

Once they stopped the birth control pills, they started me on Estrace- an estrogen pill. I should take this time to explain just how well I don’t fare on these types of medications! I gave up birth control pills years ago, due to just how charming my personality became while on them. So the one-two punch of birth control pills and estrogen pills had my whole household in duck-and-cover mode!

One day I said to my husband “What is your problem?! Why won’t you talk to me??” And he very gently said “I’m just trying to give you space. You’re a little … volatile these days”. Oh, right … whoops!! (Insert sheepish grin). The other noticeable side effect for me was actually being warm. I tend to be cold most of the time, and suddenly I was like my own personal heater.

Once you’ve been on estrogen for 10 days, they send you to the clinic for a uterine lining check. If it’s within certain parameters, then you are good to ahead with the transfer. If it hasn’t achieved a certain thickness yet, then they keep checking you every few days until you’re ready. I went in on the 10th day, and my lining was 12mm, which the doctor was very happy about. According to him, my uterus is a superstar … just sayin.

This was done on a Thursday morning. By Thursday afternoon, I had two more medications to take and a plane ticket booked for that Saturday to Ontario for the transfer, which would take place on Monday.

They started me on an antibiotic and progesterone. I managed to avoid the progesterone injections, for which my already psoriasis ravaged skin was very grateful.

So, I was all drugged up, with a “fluffy” lining, ready to get this show on the road.


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