Hello Again!

How bad of a blogger am I?  I had to Google myself to remember the name of my blog ….  Yes, that bad.

I know I have been MIA- this has been a roller coaster ride, and at the same time there hasn’t been much to report.  Short version is that the surrogacy has been stalled out these past months.  My Intended Parents have been going through some things.  Without getting into too many details, as they aren’t mine to share – my Intended Mother got ill.  Thankfully, she is doing well now.  To be honest, I thought there was a chance she wouldn’t survive it.

As for me, in the time that was going on, my life also went through some major upheavals.  It has left me a changed person.  All big events in life seem to leave or take their mark, don’t they?  You can’t seem to come out the other side as the same person who entered.  I like to think that I have gone the right way, and chosen to use what I have learned to be a little bit of a better person.  At the very least, I feel like I am more open and awake to certain aspects of my life.  

Let me preface this next part by saying that I have every intention of moving forward with this surrogacy.  I am still excited for the idea of helping create a family for my IPs.  However, the length of time that elapsed with nothing happening has taken some of the wind out of my sails.  Once the processed started up again, I will admit that I got back on board with a little reluctance.  I knew that there was no way I would back out, but I am feeling like a different person now then I was before.  It feels a little strange – like I am fulfilling promises that someone else made.  

As things start to ramp up, I am getting back to feeling more comfortable in the process again.  The contract has gone through the IPs lawyer, and should be going to my lawyer this week if all things progress smoothly.  We are aiming for a February transfer.  It seems pretty surreal after all this time.

Updates to follow, assuming I can find my way back to my own blog!




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