As they say in the support group “NSR”

There are several Surrogate support groups on Facebook, and when you post something that isn’t related to surrogacy, you preface it with “NSR” — not surrogacy related.  So I am prefacing this post the same way, NSR.

We are camping this weekend, gratefully taking advantage of the beautiful, sunny, yet not-too-hot weather.  It’s been a busy summer, and somehow it’s slipped like so much sand through our fingers.  It’s Labour Day weekend, and school starts in two days, yet this is the first family camping trip of the year.  

I find the water so soothing, the sound of waves against the shore is like pure peace to me.  I would say that camping next to the ocean is the happiest and most serene I could be — away from the demands of every day life, no laundry, no phones {unless I want to}, no cooking {again, unless I want to}, no chores.  I would say that, except that I have three children.  And here is where I admit that I am kinda-sorta complaining about an issue that we create ourselves.  I get loosey-goosey on the rules while camping.  It tends to turn into somewhat of a free-for-all.  It’s the only time of the year that the cupboards are stocked with sugary cereals, store bought muffins & cookies, and basically a lot of processed crap.  Top that off with later nights and earlier mornings {and we have early risers to begin with}, and we epitomize that e-card which says: “I live in a madhouse, ruled by a tiny army I created myself.”  Sugar hangovers are as bad as, or worse than, the real thing.

I’m only kinda-sorta complaining, because aside from the increase in meltdowns and whining, we all love camping and being near the ocean.  The boys spend hours on end in the water, and my daughter prefers to play in the sand.  Some of the best childhood memories I have are of the annual camping trips my family took together.  I hope one day my kids feel the same.  

Happy last long weekend of summer … hope you are enjoying it as much as we are!







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