As it turns out, I’m not crazy.  Either that, or my cover is really good!  Thankfully, things finally progressed with the psych evaluation.  

The ‘maybe I’ll do it, or maybe I’ll ignore you for weeks on end’ therapist got the boot.  Thank goodness, because I was so mad at this faceless person who had been stringing us all along, that it may have impacted our interview.  Instead, we dealt with a new woman, who was just lovely, and the mother to two children born using surrogates!   

The interview was close to 2 hours long, and it felt like a combination of an interview and a chat between friends.  I suspect that is a sign of a good therapist!  I didn’t feel put on the spot at all, but elaborated naturally on my answers because she was so easy to talk to.

After all the lead up to finally getting this done, it wasn’t some huge event.  It was a positive experience for me, and for my husband.  He had his own interview with her, although quite a bit shorter, and reported that it was a positive experience for him as well.

The other big thing for me has been letting go of the timeline that I had been holding in my head.  I should know by now that life rarely goes according to plan, and that I don’t have control over that!  The only thing I can control in that situation is my reaction.

 I was getting really hung up on the fact that things were moving so slowly.  I was taking it very personally.  Part of my reasoning for that was because I am anticipating some further clearing of my symptoms when I get pregnant, and I am definitely looking forward to that.  Also, I have had this in my head for quite some time now that I wanted to do this.  So now that I finally am, it’s like “Come on people, let’s get on it!  I am not getting any younger here!!  I’ve decided to do this, and have no idea why you are not all falling in line with my expectations.”  Ha!   

At this point, we are looking at transferring in October, which is a few months later than I was originally thinking.  I had a high blood pressure reading a few months back, and although it’s the first time I’ve had a high reading since I was pregnant with my first child, 9 years ago, they want to ensure it now stays down.  Which is another benefit to all this healthy eating!  I am down 25 pounds, and 13 points on my blood pressure.  I’m telling you guys this, along with some family and a couple friends, but I am trying not to become “obnoxiously obessive weight loss girl”.  Do you know the one?  Who can only talk about what she is eating, and how many calories are in every bite she {or you!} put in your mouth?

{As an aside, though, all those people who claim that just eating healthily causes weight loss, and there are no need for fad diets?  They just may be on to something!  Funny that.}  

The Universe likely has it’s own plan for why things are happening at the rate they are, and so I am now {getting close to being} content with letting things unfold as they will.  After all, it’s just my own energy that I waste in trying to fight against it, and in being frustrated about it!





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vic
    Aug 29, 2013 @ 16:01:10

    Happy for you, and proud of you too! ❤


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