It is a good thing this is written and not oral.  I can type “sonohysterogram” with no problems, but still can’t seem to say it!  It’s an internal ultrasound where they fill your uterus with saline solution to check things out.  

Have I mentioned the staff at my local fertility clinic, who are doing my testing and satellite monitoring?  They are just hands-down wonderful.  I’ve sometimes found that specialists do not have the best — or any — bedside manner, but this is not true of this doctor!  He is wonderful, as are the nurses.

The actual procedure was probably around 10 minutes long.  It wasn’t nearly as unpleasant as the description makes it out to be – they warn you about discomfort and cramping, etc., but I didn’t have any issue with any of those.  It’s just another “woman’s appointment” where you stare at the ceiling tiles and try to just breathe, or if you are lucky, you have a nice nurse who asks you questions and distracts you!

The conclusion was my favorite, when this lovely doctor (older man, English accent, soft voice – just so you can get the idea!) says to me:  “You have a beautiful uterus!  A Rolls Royce!  A Silver Shadow!”  Which is apparently a kind of Rolls Royce 🙂

Although I wasn’t really worried that there would be anything wrong, in light of how easy it was to have my own babies, I still had that niggling fear at the back of my head.  What if things in there had changed in the last 4 years?  How could we get this far along in the process, and have to call it all to a halt?  It’s a big weight, knowing their hopes rest on my shoulders uterus.  But it is one that I want to be equal to!  I’m so excited to make this happen for them.

My IM was asking me what I was eating (out of curiosity, not in a micro-managing fashion) the other day, and I was going through what my typical day looks like these days.  She said “If this doesn’t happen, it won’t be for lack of trying”.  Exactly.  


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