Slogging Through

I feel sluggish, slow, sore … sorry for myself … a whole bunch of not-so-happy things lately.

I also feel whiny saying that.  

The cleanse and overhaul of the eating plan, meant to manage my arthritis and psoriasis symptoms – well, it doesn’t seem to be working.  It may still (and I plan on persisting) but I’m feeling a little low lately.  Words of encouragement appreciated!

Things are better with my IPs, which is great.  I feel like things are getting back to how they were – we chat and keep in touch every few days.  It never occurred to me, prior to starting this journey, what kind of relationship that I would want with my IPs.  Apparently, I’m a little more high-maintenance than I thought I would be!  

On a happy note, my birthday is in two sleeps, and they sent me an absolutely beautiful card and a gift card.  How sweet is that?!  The gift card will go to replacing the food processor I murdered with my in-roads to healthy eating (apparently, it did not appreciate being crammed to the top and expected to process.)

My inspiration for staying on track with this healthier eating, aside from *fingers crossed* finally getting these symptoms under control, is this: Hungry for Change.  If you have Netflix, I really recommend watching it!  Not to sound like an advertisement 🙂

Oh, and it’s three sleeps until my next test, a sonohysterogram.  After that, the only thing left to “pass” is the screening with the psychologist.  My IPs obviously don’t think I’m nuts, or that test would have been a lot earlier in the process….


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  1. Vic
    Jun 25, 2013 @ 15:15:51

    I admire you for taking all of this on during your busiest month of the year! Remember the end goal(s). We’re all rooting for you!


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