Things you don’t want to hear the doctor say

First things first, there is going to be an overshare in here.  Dad, you might not want to read any further!

I’m going to try to compact this (did I mention I was chatty?), but it shocks me enough that I feel it needs mentioning.

Now, if you are still reading, I expect you to take full responsibility for your actions.

Second Title:  My IUD is M.I.A.

Well, crap.  I received a call back from the fertility clinic after the ultrasound, and they commented that there was no mention of an IUD by the doctor.  Apparently it’s not impossible, but highly irregular that he didn’t see it.  Minor worry sets in.

The ND educated me on several things about IUD’s that I think the doctor who installed it should likely have told me – side effects, and that you are supposed to a monthly check for the damned string!!  Information that would have been more useful 3 years ago.  So she asked if she could check for the string after hearing that it wasn’t spotted during the ultrasound.  And surprise, surprise – there was no string.  Again, it happens, but it’s not usually a happy sign.  Begin seriously worrying.

I’m not trying to portray myself as some wonderfully selfless person, but my first thought was sheer fear/ disappointment that this hiccup may prevent me from pursuing this surrogacy.  Indication of how excited and invested I’ve become in this process.

I got sent on to a Women’s Health clinic, who sent me for an x-ray prior to consulting with me.  I was anticipating not being able to find out what was going on until Monday (as I didn’t get in for the x-ray until 11 am today — a Friday).  However they just called me and informed me (drum roll, please) …

“There is no evidence of an IUD on the x-rays”.

Whaaaaa??  You mean … what?!  

More information that would have been useful 3 years ago.  They can apparently just fall right on out (see above for importance of string checking).  It never would have occurred to me that they could dislodge at all, never mind fall out.  

And I will end with this … thank you, Universe, for not seeing fit to let me get knocked up again (with my own baby).



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  1. Vic
    Jun 14, 2013 @ 17:43:50

    Sorry but this made me LOL. I know they say these things don’t happen often, but I find that when these minor risks are mentioned that there is usually someone you know that it does happen to! I bet your body decided it didn’t want the complication of more meds in your system and just eliminated the IUD (I know that sounded crude, sorry!) At least you don’t have to have it removed now. If you have to have all of these little speed bumps, better now and smooth sailing later, right?!!


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