Testing, part 1 of ….

I swear I can’t remember half of what I have written about already, and am too lazy to go back and read it.  
So, on that note!  I can’t remember if I described the lengths I/ we went to, just to get the blood work requisitions rolling.  I’ll skip it for now, but remind me to tell you about it someday if you haven’t already heard the story.  Ha!
The requisitions for the blood work were all stamped to send the results to the doctor at my local fertility clinic, and the doctor there (who would be a gynecologist or OBGYN?  I honestly don’t know if there is a difference).  I went in last Tuesday and had my blood drawn — four vials, and pee in a cup, if you please.  (Upon arriving home, my 4 year old daughter, lucky enough to have been taken along, said to me “I really didn’t want to watch you pee in a cup.  Next time, could you please do that while I am at daycare!” )

For one, I feel very weird having three kids and being in any way linked to a fertility clinic.  I have an urge (which I have so far squashed) to explain to the lab techs why my blood is being sent to a fertility clinic.  It really doesn’t matter in the great scheme of things, now does it?  I am also fully aware that there is no rhyme or reason as to why I was fortunate to born with the ability to get and stay pregnant, and so many were not.  One of the many reasons that I want to do this – I want to pay forward my blessings in this department.  It is all luck of the draw, another one of the millions of things we just have no control over.  

Then the same thing happened while buying prenatal vitamins the other day!  I wanted to explain why I needed them, almost defend myself, to the people around me.  And you know what keeps running through my mind?  Being in the grocery store with my 3 and 1 year old sons, buying a pregnancy test for what turned out to be my daughter.  A woman shopping there looked at me, the boys, the test and back at me.  The she said “Oh, no!”  And I smiled and said “I think so!”  And she shook her head and said “Oh, nooooo!!” and walked away.  Isn’t that just a warm and fuzzy little slice of humanity?

Back to the blood tests.  As part of the testing process my husband also had to get blood tests done — and being all wrapped up in my own part of this process, it never occurred to me that while I felt a little odd about the whole fertility clinic thing, how strange for a man to have blood test where all results are being sent to a gynecologist!  And maybe these things are routine, but not in our experience.  

Which brings us to Tuesday afternoon, and there I am, sitting at my son’s football practice.  Hubby was going to the lab to do his testing, and I received a text which read:

“What to answer when asked “why the heck is an obgyn after your blood” … none of your business, and no I’m not transgendered, sexually confused, or uneducated about the birds and the bees!  Draw the blood you nosy nelly!” (not that there is anything wrong with those things, I am not trying to draw fire here.)
I actually thought at first that the lab tech had asked him that and was totally horrified!  But as it turns out, he was just being silly – and a little weirded out.  Have I mentioned how grateful I am that he is not only ok with me doing this, but full on supportive and encouraging?
I’ve since had an internal ultrasound (sorry for the overshare), but as it turns out I have a “beautiful looking uterus”, not a compliment you hear every day, but I’ll take what I can get.  I hope that translates into good things for my IP’s!
And I think that is more than enough on that …. 

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  1. Vic
    Jun 14, 2013 @ 17:34:31

    Wow! You have such a passion for this when most people can barely get through day to day life on their own terms without thinking of helping strangers!


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