Contract Negotiations

Yuuuup, about as much fun as it sounds.  I’m one of those people who is very awkward talking about money at the best of times.  And there aren’t many things I won’t talk about, I definitely lean towards “chatty”.  Or I may have possible gone right past chatty, into whatever the zone beyond that is called.  

Money talks make my eyes avert down to my toes, and my insides curl up into a little uncomfortable ball.  But alas, a contract is definitely part of this process!  I’m totally fine with the majority of the details.  I firmly believe that the decisions such as whether or not to do genetic testing, whether or not to consider reduce multiple fetuses down, whether to end the pregnancy – those all fall firmly in the camp of the IP’s.  This/these will be their babies, and therefore, these are their decisions to make!  I want consideration taken for my health (obviously), but beyond that, I am happy to comply with their decisions.  Am I going to sign a contract saying that I hand the baby over to them at birth?  Darn straight!  That I have no parental rights over this child?  Show me the dotted line!  

Where it gets awkward is discussing finances.  In Canada, Gestational Surrogates cannot be paid for their services, but can have reasonable expenses reimbursed.  So, fair enough – seems pretty straightforward, right?

That was my thought until I actually had to sit there, face-to-face (or as much as you are face-to-face via Skype), and have the discussion.  What are my expectations as far as reimbursements?  What are my cap amounts on certain items?  What are their caps?  What is a “reasonable expense”? And there I sat, awkwardly squirming, and staring at my toes.  Sigh….

It’s not over yet, they are drafting a … well, a draft.  And I am trying to brace myself for the next talk.  Hopefully it will be in place soon, and we can move on to the fun stuff, like growing a human 🙂



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