Inter-Provincial Arrangements

Good morning, World.  It’s Saturday morning, and our Friday afternoon ran directly into a late Friday evening.  So the whole stereotypical lazing around in front of Saturday morning cartoons is in full effect here this morning, in order to keep the peace. 

I don’t know why, but staying up later, for my kids, does NOT equal sleeping in to compensate.  It’s most unfortunate.  And my kids (the apples do not fall far from the tree …) do NOT do well without adequate sleep. 

Anyways.  We had some progress this week.  It goes a little like this:

There are a lot of things to get lined up.  In our situation, my Intended Parents (IP’s) are in Ontario, I’m in BC. 

So I asked the question to the agency: “Can I do the bloodwork and tests here in BC?” and was told no, I should be flying out the Ontario and doing them at the IP’s fertility clinic there.  Say what? 

I mean, obviously I’m willing to endure some inconvenience, but that just came as a huge surprise!  I thought, we have the facilities here, why can’t we do it here and save a lot of hassle?  The theory is, that the IP’s are supposed to pay for and arrange this testing, and I’m just supposed to show up.  None of it is supposed to go on my health care plan – but isn’t that what credit cards are for?! 

We had gone ahead and asked for a referral to my local Fertility Clinic anyways, so they contacted me this week.  I’m guessing it’s usually the IP’s who contact the clinic, because they were quite confused at first as to why I was the one contacting them, and which one of us was the IP and which one was the Surrogate.  We ended up with a whole bunch of 4 way emails between myself, my IP’s, my local fertility clinic, and the IP’s local fertility clinic … sound confusing?  It was. 

Moving on.  They do “Satellite Monitoring” through my local clinic and the actual embryo transfer in Ontario.  The good news is: they are happy to do it, have done it before, and know how to arrange the entire thing – once they figure out who is who and get in touch with the IP’s clinic!  So once we got on the same page, it was pretty simple.  Basically all the pre-transfer testing is done here, which gives us a little more flexibility – because how do you arrange a test that needs to be done on a certain day of your cycle to be done when that involves booking a flight?

I can hear the conversation with the airline now:  I really need a seat on the flight that day.  No, it has to be that day!!  You don’t understand, I’m on Cycle Day 1.  Day 1, I tell you!!  (I’m sure it can all be done, it just seems a little daunting to me.)

Not to mention, how do I explain that to my job?  I haven’t told my boss yet, and likely won’t until I get further in to the process.  So having to fly out with little notice and no explanation might seem a tad … curious.

My apologies if this reads a little like how-to instructions, but in case someone in my shoes ever stumbles across this, I thought it might give them a little direction.



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