Coffee Date

I just had a wonderfully de-stressing and grounding coffee date with another surro Mom.  She was definitely a big inspiration for me in starting this journey!  She is the first person I have ever met who actually has done this before ~ I even knew her before she did.  How lovely to talk to a real, live, face-to-face person about this!! 

Can you tell that I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed?

I’ve felt a little like I am floating out there on my own (with my prospective “Intended Parents”).  The agency facilitates the process, however it’s a pretty independant journey.  I really appreciated that she met with me and answered my questions, and even let me take notes on the back of Tim Horton’s bag like a bit of a dork.  (I don’t know if it’s kids or ageing, but the mind just ain’t what it used to be.  What can I say?)

I was feeling a little manipulated by certain things going on right now.  (Maybe more on that later.)  But my lovely coffee visit reminded me that it’s ok ~ actually important to follow my own gut.  That my natural instinct to put my own thoughts and feelings last is not going to serve me in this journey.  It’s time to put a bit of a cork in the people pleasing tendencies!

I strive for honesty and transparency, and have from the beginning with everyone I’ve met in this process.  Now it’s time to add valuing my own feelings to that list.  If my hubby reads this, he will (rightfully) proclaim that he is always telling me to value myself!  And he is definitely my first voice of reason when he sees me getting all caught up in myself, or losing myself in something.  I guess I just need a voice supporting his tonight! 

Night night.


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