Happy Mothers Day!

A day late, but Happy Mothers Day! I actually wrote notes as a draft here on my way out the door to my eldest sons’ football game yesterday morning, but never got back to finish this up.

I was getting ready yesterday, and my middle son (almost 6) came in to chat. First of all, let me explain that I am fairly certain this child has a word limit that he needs to hit each day. He has been known to talk faster and more urgently while already in bed, as you are trying to back away from his bedroom. I don’t even think he breathes when he is in this mode. I think that on these days, he hasn’t hit his word limit yet, and is desperately taking those last few seconds to get in as much as possible. Just my theory.

With all this talking, the most amazing things come out of his (and my other children’s) mouths. Case in point, our conversation as I’m getting ready on Mothers Day:

J: “Mom when I have a phone, can I call you?”

Me: “Of course”

J: “Like when I am a teenager, and I have my own phone? And I’m not at home?”

Me: “Sure, I would love that” (thinking when he is a teenager, this may be the only time that he will talk to me. Best to plant the seeds early.)

J: “Like maybe if I’m at the police station?”

Me: “…”

J: “Not because I’m going to jail! But because I told them about a bad guy, and then I have to help them find him?  And I’m going to be late for dinner. Could I call you to tell you that I’m going to be late for dinner?”

Me: “Yes, please.”

J: Nods, satisfied. “OK, Mom, thanks.” and off he goes.

My kids make me laugh, cry, shake my head in wonder & frustration, and a host of other things I never would have experienced otherwise. Yes, they can be a handful (my wonderful Mom said ~ with total love! ~ when I told her that I was going to do this “Maybe you should just let them spend a day with your kids, it might cure them!” And the truth is, that exact thought had run through my head!!) but I can’t imagine a life without them!


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